Lady and the wolf
30" x 40"
acrylic on canvas

I am Gil Marosi, a surrealist who has been painting since I was a child. A few years ago, I started illustrating, trying to depict life as it is. After a while I felt way too confined and decided to look into abstract painting. I investigated and drank in as much abstract, surreal, abstract expressionism as I could take in, often mimicking them as best I could and still it did not satisfy me. As a result, I drew on my subconcious developing a series of paintings, but still, that was not it. I lacked the imagination maybe?I then looked at my world outside of myself and grabbed bits and pieces of it until I came up with a way to transform the casual and humdrum into weird concoctions which had zero resemblance to anything on this earth. This is what you see. This is what you may or may not digest. Flip it any one of four ways and you will find links to our subconscious, or maybe not. In either case you may either be puzzled, revolted, discombobulated, but not bored.

My work varies from 20"x30" to 36"x48"

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